Welcome to the most effective Mindfulness program available. Mindfulness is the skill to live consciously, deeply and with profound understanding, With the Kavana Mindfulness Training Program you will gain key skills to experience ‘living in the now’ at all times, Skills such as:

  • Living with a meditative posture of inner calm.
  • Training sensory ‘muscles’ of sight, sound, touch, scent, and taste for consciousness and awareness.
  • Rewiring the neuro-transmitters of the brain for flexibility and insight.
  • Creating a remarkable gateway in the mind for the flow of wisdom.

In passing, you will also become an accomplished practitioner of meditation.


  • I found the exercises transforming and deepening of the inner space

    Renny Sharrow

  • The Manual and Instructions were written in a clear and easy way

    Beula Brown

  • Very clear, well structured, with enough explanations to explain the purpose

    Ginette Ayache

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Creating inner stillness

- preparing a level playing field in preparation for wisdom flow

Wide-angle awareness

- gathering sensory & consciousness data for informed decisions

Wisdom Gateway

- creating a ‘gate-way’ for the flow of wisdom within the mind

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A detailed training manual with guided meditation program and exercises

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Laibl Wolf

Modern psychology meets ancient Kabbalah

Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf holds degrees in Law, Psychology and Comparative Religion.  He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on spirituality and lectures in over 70 cities throughout the world annually.

He is the Founder and Dean of the Spiritgrow – Josef Kryss Wholistic Center, in Australia. He has presented at world conferences on Mind/Body, Economic Recovery, and to the Fortune 500 convention and is considered a leading authority of Kabbalah spiritual practices.

His teachings utilise meditation and consciousness training techniques to enable personal growth and emotional mastery. He has adapted the deep Kabbalistic insights providing an insightful training program with practical application to the minutiae of everyday life.